Fullerton College Library

Study Rooms

Study rooms are for academic use by Fullerton College students. 2 of the 14 study rooms are dedicated for individual study only. Once the 2 individual study room occupancy is met, individual users should wait until one of those rooms becomes available.

Guide to checking out a study room

Students can check out a study room at the Circulation Desk on the first floor of the Library. Staff will be checking for Fullerton College Student IDs. To learn more about how to obtain a Fullerton College Student ID, please visit the Student Life and Leadership website.

  • Individual study rooms: Present 1 valid Fullerton College Student ID.
  • Group study rooms (4-6 seats): Present 2 valid Fullerton College Student IDs. 
  • Large group study room (6-10 seats): Present 5 valid Fullerton College Student IDs. 

Important Rules & Considerations

Due to high demand:

  • Study rooms are checked out on a first come, first served basis for a maximum of 2 hours and are non-renewable.
  • The student(s) checking out the study room must be physically present in the room at all times. Should you need to leave, please check out of the study room. Unoccupied rooms may be loaned to other students.
  • Please vacate the room at your designated time.

To keep the rooms neat for the next users:

  • Bottled water and resealable beverages are allowed in the room, but no food.
  • Turn off lights in the study room when exiting the room to save energy.
  • Erase the white boards upon exiting the study room.

Remember, the study rooms are not soundproof. Keep the volume down.

From all of us at Fullerton College Library, thank you for your patience and cooperation. For questions, please contact Efrain Villanueva at evillanueva@fullcoll.edu.