Fullerton College Library

Study Rooms

Study rooms are for group study and instructional television. There are a total of 12 study rooms.


Users with borrowing privileges may check out a study room, however, current Fullerton College students have priority.

*Users will lose their study room borrowing privileges if discovered defacing or vandalizing the room. Students eating in a room may also be barred from borrowing the rooms if after one warning, they again disregard the food policy. Instructors may not reserve study rooms to use in lieu of their assigned classroom for all or a significant portion of the semester. 

Four seat study room

A minimum of two students must present ID. A maximum of six students may use the room. There are 11 four seat study rooms.

Eight seat study room

A minimum of five students must present ID. No more than ten students are allowed to use the room. There is one eight seat study room.

Loan Period

Two hours. No reservations are taken for study rooms.


This is decided at the discretion of the library staff person.  If rooms have been checked out frequently and there are only one or two rooms free, staff may not renew a room.  Also, if a room is renewed, the group may not get another full two hours if other groups need to use a room.  Empty study rooms will be checked out and then the group with a room the longest time will be the first to lose the room if another group comes.