Fullerton College Library

Code of Conduct

Your library staff is here to enhance your experience. Occasionally, staff may remind you of policies such as phone usage, sound levels, obstructing access to materials, or other policies that may be affecting others. Please comply promptly.

We want the library experience to be positive for everyone. Non-compliance with the policies may result in your being asked to leave. Please work with us.

The goal of these rules is to provide a quiet, clean, and safe environment in support of the library’s mission to assist students, faculty, and staff in attaining their educational and informational goals in a supportive library environment.

Library Etiquette

  • No soliciting.
  • Please respect your fellow students and library staff.
  • Audible discussions and cell phone conversations detract from students’ ability to study. Silence cell phones in the library.
  • Students are required to be fully clothed, including footwear.
  • No smoking or vaping.

Taking Care of the Library and Library Materials

  • Treat your library and its contents with respect. Do not rip or write in library materials, destroy equipment, or vandalize furniture.
  • If you remove a book from the shelves, please do not re-shelve it; place it on the nearest table or study carrel for library staff to count and re-shelve.
  • Eating and drinking are not permitted in the library. Exception: drinks in spill proof containers.
  • Do not remove barcodes from library materials. These labels are for checking in and out materials and do not set off the alarm.

Personal Property

  • To prevent theft, do not leave your belongings unattended in the library. Unattended items may be removed from the library by Campus Safety.
  • To allow equitable access our or library spaces:
    • You may not use your belongings to reserve a seat or study room; 
    • Your body or personal belongings must not obstruct pathways or deny others reasonable use of the library;
    • Bicycles, shopping carts, scooters or other wheeled conveyances in the library are prohibited. There are several bike racks and parking locations on campus. Please refer to the Campus Map for locations that work best for you. The nearest bike rack to the library is behind the 600 building.
    • Wheelchairs, other mobility aids, and baby strollers/carriages transporting a person or child are allowed. Wheeled backpacks or book carriers used for the transport of research and reading material are allowed. Skateboards are permitted in the library as long as they are non-operational, out of the aisles, and not a hazard to others.

To prevent the theft of library materials, state law authorizes the detention for a reasonable period of any person using these facilities suspected of committing “library theft” (Penal Code Section 490.5). See Fullerton College Policies and Rules for more on campus policies and the Fullerton College Web Disclaimer for online use policies.