Fullerton College Library

Book Scanner At The Library

The book scanner is located on the first floor of the library.

All you need is to log in to the stations is your banner ID and password to get started!

Top 10 reasons to use the scanner at the library:

  1. Much, MUCH easier to use for copy pages in print books than the photocopiers.
  2. Faster than using the photocopiers (two pages at once can be scanned).
  3. They cost the same as the photocopiers.
  4. Exact photocopies in COLOR can be done here.
  5. The digital scans cost nothing to save / send.
  6. One can sit down and relax while scanning.
  7. The nearby librarians are only a holler away if help is needed.
  8. The scans are high quality.
  9. While optimized for scanning books, IDs and papers can also be scanned.
  10. Files can be saved to e-mail, Google Drive, or a USB drive.

Quick Start Guide

Step 1:

Turn on scanner, then open the book and lay flat as pictured.

Scanner’s ON button is located at the base of the scanner under the STOP button.

image of turning scanner on and placing book

Step 2:

Launch the scanner software, then click anywhere to continue.

The scanner software will be on the left-hand side of the computer. It’s called “BookScan.” Double-click to launch the software. If the software is not visible on the computer, restart the computer.

image of scanner icon on computer called BookScan

Step 3:

Select Quick Scan, the select one choice from Scan Type, and one choice from Destination.

Under Scan Type, select “Book Page” for scanning books or select “Document” for scanning documents such as worksheets or printouts. If you select “USB” under destination, remember to put your USB drive into the scanner. The USB port is on the left-hand side next to the base.

Step 4:

The scanner will automatically scan the first two pages of the book you have set.

Step 5:

Turn the page on the book, or click Continue Scanning to scan more pages. ClickFinish if finished.

image of screen when scan is finished

Step 6:

Select file and click Opento enable e-mail sending.

Scanned files will be saved as “scan 001.” Type in your email-address in the “To” field and click Send. Check your email for the file.

Accidentally Scan Your Fingers?

No Problem!

Use the editing tool to delete accidental finger images.

In most cases, the tool will automatically detect fingers and target them for deletion, but you may also have to drag the lines around them to edit them out. Just make sure your fingers aren’t covering up any necessary text!

Click Save & Exit if everything looks good.