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The Fullerton College Library needs new bookmarks to promote our library as a place that embraces diversity, nurtures literacy, and drives success. Please help us out by designing one!

Prizes will be awarded:

  • 1st Prize – $200
  • 2nd Prize – $100
  • 3rd Prize – $50

Designs due by

March 28, 2019

8 P.M.





The bookmark design should inspire literacy, diversity, and / or success. One unsigned .pdf AND one signed .jpg are required.


7 ¾” x 2 ¾” plus an extra 1/8” margin 4/4 image bleed, CMYK color. We will need two files of the design: a jpg and a pdf. Please include your signature on the design of the pdf file. DO NOT include a signature on the jpg file.

Submissions Due:

Submit design by March 28, 2019 8 P.M. Art faculty judges will jury all submissions and select the top 8 for printing, and the top three cash winners will be determined by student votes shortly after. Winners will be announced April 2019.

Promotional Flyer:

Seen the contest promoted around campus? If you want to see the original flyer it’s here: Bookmark Art Contest 2019. Otherwise, all contest rules are detailed below. 


Student Programming Librarian Val Macias at, or Professor Vonn Sumner at

2017 Submissions

Contest Rules


Currently enrolled Fullerton College (FC) students are eligible to participate. Students who are also employed as classified / certificated employees of FC are not eligible (FWS students are okay).

Directions for Students: (please follow carefully to prevent delays)

  1. Students are encouraged to create a design based on the themes of LITERACY, DIVERSITY, and SUCCESSto help guide their creation, along with the following dimensions and elements: 7 ¾ inch x 2 ¾ inch, plus 1/8 inch 4/4 image bleed with crop marks, in CMYKcolor mode.
  2. Two files of the design are to be prepared: One signedfile saved in .pdf format, and another unsignedfile saved as a .jpg file.
  3. Submit both files to the Student Programming Librarian, Val Macias, at vmacias@fullcoll.eduwith the subject line “2019 Bookmark Art Contest” on or before March 28, 2019 by 8:00 P.M. Please include your first name, last name, the high school you graduated from, and the last 4 digits of you Fullerton College ID number in the body of the e-mail. Submissions sent after this date will not be considered.

Only ONE submitted design per student can be accepted.

Judging Criteria and Process

The work must be newly-created work and cannot be already-existing work that was previously juried, published, featured, exhibited, or (previously or concurrently) entered into other contests, galleries or promotions.

Once submitted, all entries will be forwarded to art faculty for jurying. Faculty members will select the top 8bookmarks for display in the library. Criteria considered includes: visual impact, interpretation and creativity, composition, and craftsmanship.Once the top eight bookmarks are juried, students can then vote for their favorite bookmarks. Tallied votes will determine the winners. In the event of a tie, a staff member will be called upon to cast the tiebreaking vote. Voting activity will take place in April for one week.

There will be a first, second and third place winner as well as a special Librarian’s Choice winner. The prizes will be $200 for first place, $100 for second place, and $50 for third place. A $50 FC Bookstore gift card will be given to the Library’s Choice winner. The winners will be announced near the end of April.

The top 8bookmarks will be selected and reproduced for distribution in bookmark form to promote our library services with the student’s name and design prominently featured on each bookmark. Each selected student will also get 100 bookmarks with their design.

Copyright Info

Participating students who submit bookmarks are responsible for submitting original work. Derivative artwork from other licensed or copyrighted works are NOT allowed and will be disqualified. Neither Fullerton College nor the NOCCCD are liable for any copyright violations committed by students. All submissions are the intellectual property of the creating student.


Please direct any questions and concerns related to the contest to the student programming librarian, Val Macias at or art professor Vonn Sumner at This contest is generously sponsored by FC Friends of the Library, FC Printing Technologies and the FC Art Department.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am not a student at Fullerton College, but I love art! Can I enter the contest anyways?

A: No. The art design contest is open only to currently enrolled Fullerton College students.  Classified or certificated employees of Fullerton College are ineligible, regardless of student status at FC.

Do I have to be a graphics design expert to enter art into this contest?

A: No. You can use any art medium created in any way you like—but your creation has to be captured as an image file. Please see the answer to the next question to know how to go about doing so.

I just created an oil-on-canvas masterpiece that I’d like to appear in a bookmark. How do I go about making it appear on a file to submit?

A:  A high-quality photograph or scan of your artwork needs to be edited and adapted into a digital graphics file adapted for the bookmarks.  

I don’t know what 4/4 margin, 1/8 inch bleed means. What does it all mean and how do I do it?

A: 4/4 margins and 1/8” bleed is the amount of image that must extend (read: “bleed”) outside the borders of the bookmark. This is often required by professional printers to allow your intended image to run to the edge. An explanation of what this means can be found here: This can also be set in most image editing programs. How to set image bleed on Photoshop video tutorial:

CMYK is the ideal color settings for professional color printing. Like image bleed, this is also available as a setting in most image editing websites:

More information about CMYK:

How to set CMYK in InDesign:

Additionally, if you need further assistance with this, a digital arts tutor is available at the tutoring center.  Stop by the Academic Skills Center (801 – entrance is on the west side of the library) to set up an appointment with a tutor.

Does my art have to be in color?

A: No. Your art can be anything you like, any color you like. Just as long as it is captured in a photographic digital file and adapted to bookmark size.

I have so many great pieces. Can I enter them all into the contest?

A: No. Only one art creation is allowed per student.

I have this major art piece that already won awards. Can I enter that into this contest?

A: No. All contestants are asked to enter new, original, and creative works of art that have not already been juried or awarded in any way.  Any artwork that is discovered to have already been entered into previous competitions will be disqualified.

How is the winner chosen?

A: All the entries are juried by our expert art faculty. The top eight designs selected by them will get printed, promoted and distributed as part of the library’s outreach efforts.  And the top three of those eight designs are voted by students to get first, second and third place for $200, $100 and $50 cash respectively. Library faculty and staff also will vote for one bookmark in a “Library’s Choice” special award for a $50 gift card.

If I don’t win this time, can I try again next time?

A: Absolutely!