Fullerton College Library

Game Day Online

There’s a lot going on these days. Sometimes it’s just important to relax, meet some new people, and play some silly games. Who knows? Maybe you’ll have a laugh.


1st and 3rd Thursdays

1pm to 2pm



EQUIPMENT: You will need the following equipment to make the most of your gameplay experience:

  • Computer or laptop
  • Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection to the Internet.
  • A separate mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet. We strongly recommend a smartphone. If you can, please clear the cookies on your smartphone to help minimize gameplay problems.

STEP-1: ON YOUR COMPUTER / LAPTOP (a.k.a. “main TV screen”)

Be sure to click on the Zoom link given to you by the librarian to watch the main screen of the game. You will also need this to interact with other players.  This is the social distance equivalent to playing in person with a TV screen running.  Do not Zoom from the mobile device you are going to play on! It has to be on a laptop or computer screen. example of where to put game code

STEP-2: On YOUR MOBILE DEVICE (a.k.a. “controller”)

  • Visit the following link on your mobile device: http://jackbox.tv
  • Enter the four-letter game room code you see on the computer screen into your device, as well as your name in the name space. PLEASE NOTE: The illustration below is just an example room code. Our room code will be different for each game, each time.


STEP-3: Wait for further instructions on the main screen and have a good time!


If I get kicked off Zoom:

  • Reconnect to Zoom by clicking on the link given to you.
  • If this doesn’t work, try also disconnecting and reconnecting your Wi-Fi connection by clicking on the Wi-Fi icon on the bottom right screen.

example for how to connect to WiFi

If I get kicked off Jackbox.TV on my mobile device (or if it freezes):

  • Refresh your mobile device’s browser screen (or go to jackbox.tv).
  • Re-enter you name and room code. The room code will always be displayed on the main screen while the game is running. The room code in the illustration below is just an example. Your room code will be different:

example screen for reentering

Make sure you enter your name exactly as you had it at the beginning of the game or your entry may be denied and you will have to join as audience instead.

If the game host gets kicked out of Zoom:

Hang in there and be patient. They should reconnect soon.

If the game server kicks everyone out:

Sometimes, the game server will reset and kick us all out through no fault of our own. If that happens, we have no choice but to start a new game.

What if there are more people that want to play than the number of players the game can hold?

Jackbox games can hold anywhere between five to six players, depending on the specific game. Like any real-life board game, we simply take turns playing. Just like in real-life board games, non-playing players can also temporarily sit on the virtual sidelines to influence the game.  In sum, even though 5-8 players can play at any one time, anyone can join in the fun at any time by qsimply plugging in the game code.  There’s fun for everyone!