5 Guides to Help You Search Like a Pro

What words and phrases should you put in the search box to find the information you need? What search commands will help you expand or narrow the results you see? The following short guides and tutorials will help you to find more of what you need and less of what you don’t.

Pick the right search terms

from Norwich Library

Select the right number of search terms

from Kimbel Library

Narrow your searches

from Ray W. Howard Library at  Shoreline Community College

Use AND, OR & NOT Connectors

Difference between AND & OR Connectors

Search the web wisely

from Common Craft

Exploring Topics

Information Sources

Search Strategies

Evaluating Sources

Fake News

Citing Sources in MLA Format

Citing Sources in APA Format

Ask a Librarian

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By Phone Chat IconText a Librarian

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Chat Bubble Chat IconEmail a Librarian

Calendar Book A Librarian IconBook a Librarian

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