Fullerton College Library

Microfilm Viewer

The microfilm viewer is located on the first floor of the library.

All you need is to log in to the stations is your banner ID and password to get started!

Top 5 reasons to use the microfilm viewer.

  1. View our more than 5,000 microfilm reels from various publications, such as: L.A. Times, OC Register, N.Y. Times, Scientific American and many more—going as far back as 1853.
  2. State-of-the-art camera capture technology ensures you get high quality scans / prints.
  3. A tiny comic pane, an article, an entire page–scan what you need!
  4. Annotate your clippings with comments to enhance your studying.
  5. Very easy to use, but the nearby librarians will be more than happy to assist you with questions.

Quick Start Guide

Step 1:

Launch ViewScan Premium, select mode, pull handle, load film.

Step 2:

Use physical or on-screen buttons to advance film

Step 3:

Use tools at top to adjust

Step 4:

Print or scan the full page from the Browse tab

Crop the image to select only the information you need

Advanced Tips

Captured Image Review

As you capture images their thumbnails will appear in the Image Bin along the bottom. It is provided for you to review your work. Click on the thumbnail to review your scan, give it a name, modify the resolution, print or open new windows for more advanced editing options.

Target Area Enhancement

Target Area Enhancement allows you to enhance an area of the scan only within a defined area. To begin, select the scan from the Image Bin and select the button, Target Area Enhancement.

Select New Area Enhancement and Click and Drag the mouse around the area you would like to enhance. Once the area is defined you can adjust Levels, Brightness, Contrast and Sharpen.

Once your edits are complete select OK to keep them or Cancel to remove them. Changes will only be seen on this scan or prints.