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Here at the Fullerton College we feel that there are many ways to enjoy the Library. That’s why we constantly create and refine ways to engage with students in a variety of areas of interest. Joining the mailing list connects you with:

Programs – Be it an art contest, a cooking competition, or a reading group, there are many ways to express your own opinions and explore the world of books. Subscribers get invitations to available programs, contests, and reading groups.

Instruction – Regardless of whether you are taking your class online or still meeting in person, Fullerton College Library will help you find the right resources for your paper. Join our mailing list to preview new instruction resources and learn how to connect with librarians.

Assessment – Want to give feedback about what you’d like to see in your library? We regularly invite mailing list subscribers to participate in focus groups, surveys, interviews and more!

Friends of the Library – Our Friends support the Library through book store sales, auctions, and events. The mailing list receives updates about projects sponsored by the Friends of the Library.

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