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Frequently Asked Questions:

Discover answers about creating a video recording in Fullerton College’s One Button Studio.


Where is the One Button Studio located?

In the Library, second floor, room 820-B.


What do I do if I need technical support while I’m in the One Button Studio?

Review the signs in the One Button Studio for troubleshooting steps.If you need more support go to the 2nd floor Help Desk for assistance.

Can I connect my computer to the One Button Studio technology?


Does my USB drive need to be blank to record a video in the Once Button Studio?

It is recommended that the USB flash drive be blank to ensure that your entire video will fit on the drive. The size of the video file will depend on how long your presentation is. You need a minimum of 500 megabytes. If you’re trying to use an unused USB flash drive or if you get an Error message, format it to FAT32


How do I reserve the One Button Studio?

The studio may be reserved for up to two (2) hours on a first-come, first-serve basis.

How do I check availability for the One Button Studio?

You can check availability through our One Button Studio Availability page.


Is my computer compatible with the One Button Studio technology?

Yes. The One Button Studio technology and its video format is compatible with Mac and PC environments.

What format is the video saved in?

MP4, which is a MPEG-4 video file.

How can I edit my One Button Studio-recorded green-screen video?

The video file can easily be loaded into iMovie or Movie Maker for final editing, uploading, etc. Adobe After Effects with Keylight Plugin, Adobe Premiere and Apple Final Cut Pro can also be used.

Additional Support

What if my Presentation Skills need improvement?

If your presentation needs improvement, consider taking COMM 100 (Public Speaking) or BUS 112 (Public Speaking for Business). Both classes will help you improve your speech delivery.