Fullerton College Library

Curbside Pickup

FC faculty and students currently enrolled in the Fall 2020 semester can now request books, textbooks, calculators, and a few other items from the library.  Pick up from campus is available twice per week.  

Looking to pickup a book from the FC Bookstore?

You can purchase or rent textbooks from the Fullerton College Bookstore. They have curbside pickup too but at a different location. Contact the bookstore to find out more. 

Requests made Tuesday – Friday can be picked up:

Next Monday between 10am-1pm

Requests made Saturday – Monday can be picked up:

Next Thursday between 2pm-5pm

search icon indicates to search the catalog before requesting


For books: find your item in the library catalog. For other supplies: double check our loan period page.

Place Hold


Park at Staff Parking Lot C East (between 700 and 800 buildings). Do not go to the library. Instead, call us on the number provided on your confirmation email. 

Pick Up

Items must be picked up at the next available pickup date following the request. Library staff can either deliver your items to your trunk or you can pick up your items at the Walkup Holds table in Staff Parking lot C East. 

How to pick up curbside items

You will need: your student ID number, the library phone number listed on your confirmation email, and a description of your car. When you get to campus you can either call to have the items delivered to your car or walk up to the holds table.

Curbside Pickup

  • Please wait in your car
  • Call the library phone number with your student ID number ready and a description of your vehicle
  • Library staff will confirm your held item(s) and deliver them to the trunk or through the driver side window of your vehicle

Walkup Pickup

  • When you arrive, walk to the Walkup Holds table in Staff Parking Lot C East.
  • Face coverings and social distancing required.
  • Call the number listed on the sign and provide your name, student ID number, and let them know you are there for walkup service.
  • Staff will call your name, bring your held materials and place them on the table for you to receive. Enjoy!
  • Please do not leave your returns on the table. Use the Library Return box

How to return items

Return DO’s

  • Bring your items to Staff Parking lot C East on Monday between 10am and 1pm or Thursday between 2pm and 5pm.
  • Bring any disinfectant that you may need.
  • Know that this is the only place students can return books picked up during the curbside lending program.

Return DON’Ts

  • Come on campus outside the designated dropoff and pickup locations.
  • Use the regular library bookdrop. 
  • Mail in your items.

Requesting Curbside Items FAQ

Curbside Pickup FAQ

Returning Curbside Items FAQ