Materials which do NOT require copyright permission include:

  1. Instructor exams, syllabi, lecture notes, homework answers
  2. Student Papers (proof of consent of author is required)
  3. United States Government publications
  4. A reproduced article from a journal issue (for one term only)
  5. A reproduced chapter from a book (for one term only)


Original Materials not needing copyright permission:

Complete a Reserve Request Form for Original Items if submitting books, instructor tests, or other non-reproduced materials and deliver them to the Circulation counter along with the materials.

If an item is from the library’s circulating collection, please bring the item and turn it in with the forms to the Circulation counter.

Copies of broadcast programs must have the date when the program was taped clearly marked on the copy. Copies may be used in the library without copyright permission for only the first 10 consecutive academic working days after broadcast. Nova programs may be used one year after the date of taping


Reproduced Materials requiring Copyright permissions:

Complete a Reserve Request Form for Copied Items if submitting reproduced materials and deliver them to the Circulation counter along with the materials. You must also fill out and turn in the Coverpage for Photocopies. (A coverpage for each reproduction)

Faculty must provide complete bibliographic citations indicating the original source for every copy submitted. This is done on the Coverpage for Photocopies.

 It is the responsibility of course instructors to request and obtain copyright permission if needed. This process should be completed before placing materials on reserve. Instructors will be asked to provide the library with photocopies of the copyright permissions that have been obtained.

Materials which generally require copyright permission include:

  • Multiple articles reproduced from a single journal issue; multiple chapters from a book
  • Reproduced copyrighted materials that will be used repeatedly by the same instructor for the same course for multiple terms
  • Complimentary books that have “Review Copy”, “Examination Copy”, or similar wording printed on the book by the publisher.
  • Consumable works such as exercises, workbooks and standardized tests.

Additional information about Copyright permission:

All Reserve materials will be removed from the Reserve system following the term for which they are used. An instructor can request Copyright permission by:

  • Sending a written request to the copyright holder (usually the publisher)
  • By paying a fee to the Copyright Clearance Center
  • Obtaining Copyright Permissions/Sample Letter

The following links are provided to help Fullerton College and SCE instructors gain a general understanding of Fair Use guidelines and do not necessarily reflect Fullerton College policy:

Faculty Reserve Procedures

The policy for the Fullerton College Library Reserve Collection is derived from the Fair Use provisions of the United States Copyright Act of 1976. The purpose of the Reserve Collection is to facilitate the distribution of materials for educational use by students. To assist in determining whether an item can be used, faculty may use the “Fair Use Evaluator” on the American Library Association website.

Faculty should be aware of the following:

  • All materials placed on reserve will be at the initiative of faculty for the non-commercial, educational use of Fullerton College and School of Continuing Education (SCE) students.
  • Because storage space is limited, faculty will be restricted in the number of items that they can put on reserve.
  • A copyright notice will appear on photocopies to be placed on reserve to indicate that these items are covered by copyright law. The library will attach the notice during processing.
  • Faculty’s personal items will have processing materials, such as barcodes, labels, tape, etc., attached to them. These processing materials may not always be removed without causing damage to the items.

The guidelines are provided to assist faculty but do not preclude further restrictions by the Library.

Faculty procedures for placing materials on Reserve:

Reserve materials take approximately 72 hours to process. Faculty should plan for this processing time and inform their students.