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Best Sellers


Looking for some portable pleasure reading?  Behind the second floor elevator, you’ll find a collection of paperbacks shelved by authors’ last names.  The collection is primarily fiction.

Please feel free to remove a book from the shelf and take it to the browsing area to sit and enjoy the view overlooking the quad.

Donations in good condition are welcome!  The paperbacks will be added to the paperback collection or given to the Friends of the Library for sale in their bookstore.


Interlibrary Loans

Through its interlibrary loan service the FC Library attempts to borrow materials from other libraries to enhance the academic research needs of Fullerton College students, faculty, and staff.  Academic research includes material needed to complete class assignments, to support curriculum, or meet campus needs. Items missing from the Library's collection can also be obtained.  Due to limited staff, we are unable to request materials for recreational reading and other non-academic interests.

Currently enrolled Fullerton College students, faculty, staff, and professors emeriti may use interlibrary loan with a limit of ten requests per academic year. Individuals who do not return interlibrary loan materials in a timely manner or abuse the system in place will have their privileges revoked.

Materials Offered
Books, theses and dissertations, musical scores, and some materials reproduced in microform, such as newspapers, can be borrowed. Photocopies of non-circulating materials, primarily periodical articles, can be requested in accordance with the copyright law.

Materials Not Offered
Unfortunately, we are unable to obtain the following materials: textbooks, books owned by this library and temporarily in use; periodical volumes; bulky or fragile items; DVDs and compact disks; reference books; eBooks; and rare or valuable materials.

We attempt to borrow material for free.  Any costs charged by the lending library must be paid by the borrower. The borrower should indicate a maximum amount he/she is willing to pay on the Interlibrary Loan Request Form. The Library pays for postage and mailing insurance in most cases.

The borrower should fill out an Interlibrary Loan Request [pdf] form and be sure to indicate maximum cost and date needed. For faster service accurate and complete bibliographic citations must be supplied, along with the source of the information and full personal information. 

Time Frame
Typically, two to three weeks is needed to process requests. Libraries in the Cal West Consortium usually send the request within the week or fax materials, when appropriate, within 2 business days. 

When the material arrives and is processed, the requestor will be contacted by phone or email.  All materials may be picked up at the Circulation Desk. 

Loan Periods
The loan period and renewal options are determined by the lending library. The loan period is usually three weeks.  Photocopies may be kept by the requestor.  Some lending libraries may specify special conditions regarding the use of their materials, such as "No Renewals" or "In Library Use Only."

Returning Materials
All materials borrowed through Interlibrary Loan must be returned to the Library Circulation Desk. Late return of materials jeopardizes our ability to borrow from other libraries in the future. Please leave all book bands attached to the material. 





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There are eighteen laptops that can be checked-out at the Reserve Desk by Fullerton College and School of Continuing Education students only. The Laptop Commons is dedicated to laptop and Reference Collection users only. It is located on the first floor of the library in the student carrels between the Computer Commons and parallel to the collection of encyclopedias and other reference books.

Wireless Internet access is available on the 2nd floor of the library to currently enrolled students after logging on with a username and password.


    1. SAVE YOUR DOCUMENTS frequently and to an external control device!
    2. CDs may be purchased at the Circulation Desk.
    3. Flashdrives are available for check-out at the Circulation Desk.
    4. Software cannot be downloaded onto laptop.
    5. All changes to configuration and files saved to desktop or MyDocuments
      WILL BE DELETED upon log-off.
    6. Please use supplied AC adapter and power cord. Do not rely on battery power!
    7. Laptop should be turned off and placed in its folded position any time that it is to be moved
    8. Do not carry the laptop when it is ON
    9. Transporting the laptop in its carrying case is advisable
    10. Traveling inside the library by elevator is also advisable
    11. Do not touch the LCD screen
    12. Do not plug in or unplug an external device such as a mouse unless the computer and the external device are both turned off
    13. Do not expose the laptop to any magnetic fields that could damage the contents of the hard disk
    14. You can access to the campus fileserver [student H: drive], but you must first connect to the network with the laptop's VPN Client. VPN Client software is loaded on each laptop, and the logon prompt is located on the Start Menu under Programs
    15. Neither the Fullerton College Library, nor Academic Computing Technologies is responsible for files remaining on the disk once the laptop is returned by the user, or for any loss of or damage to a user's files as a consequence of use of the laptop
    16. If you must use the battery:
      • The battery when fully charged should last approximately 3 hours. However extensive use of software applications drains the battery faster
      • When you are using battery power, there is a small "battery" icon on the task-bar in the lower right-hand side of the Windows desktop. Holding the cursor over this icon will result in a small label displaying the percentage of power or the amount of time left on the battery. A single click on this icon presents a pop-up menu that allows you to toggle between a status display of percentage or number of hours remaining
      • The laptop will notify you via a pop-up dialog box when the battery begins to run low. At that point, you should save any work to a flashdrive or send it as an attachment to your e-mail account and shut down the laptop. Remember if the laptop is shut down, all files saved to the desktop or hard drive will be deleted.
      • If you wish to continue working after a low battery warning, without shutting down, you should power the laptop with the AC adapter and power cord to a student carrel or desk outlet. When the laptop is plugged in, the battery will begin recharging.


External devices included in laptop carrying case for check-out with laptop from the Reserve Desk:
  • Power cords
  • 65 Watt AC Adaptors
  • Carrying cases
External devices available for check-out from the Reserve Desk:
  • Mouse
  • Mouse pads
  • Flash drives
  • Headsets
  • 1.44MB External Floppy Drive
  • Ethernet Cable


Software available on laptop from Start Programs menu:
  • MS Office 2003 or MS Office 2007 Suite
  • VPN [Virtural Private Network] allowing students to logon and securely access their H: drive, as if they were on campus.
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader 8.0
  • Windows Media Player
  • Nero CD-DVD
  • Cyberlink Power DVD
  • Windows Movie Maker
  • Winzip 9.0




The media collection, including cassettes, music CDs, and videorecordings (DVDs and VHS tapes), is held behind the counter at the Reserve counter. Users may search the online catalog for a media title from one of the stand-up computer stations placed strategically around the library.

For example, performing a keyword search for DVD, will bring up a list of all DVD titles owned by the library. They can be sorted by Relevance, Title, Author, Oldest Date, and Newest Date. Please Ask a Librarian for assistance in locating material.

Users may view their selections at one of the media players and viewing equipment located on the first floor, west wall of the library near the Computer Commons.




Periodicals do not check-out. They are for in-library-use only.

However you may read and browse journals, magazines, newspapers and trade publications for scholarship, information, discovery, research and entertainment in the library and make photocopies in both black and white and in color. The library maintains magazines and journals on the second floor near the elevator. Newspapers display on the south wall of the elevator, also on the second floor of the library. The library maintains a microfilm collection in many drawers located in the Reference area on the first floor.





Instructors' Reserves

Textbooks are not purchased by FC Library.

Textbooks and other course materials available for checkout at the Reserve counter are provided by instructors and divisions. The Reserve counter is located on the first floor of the library. Ask a Librarian for instructions on how to search the library online catalog to determine which textbooks are currently on reserve. Older editions of textbooks are sometimes available in the library's general book collection. Or search the Bookstore online orders system for course textbook titles.



Study Rooms (Group)

Location: Group study rooms are located on the second floor of the library.

Availability: Available for groups only on a first-come, first-served basis. No reservations are taken. Individual students will not be allowed to use a study room.

Requirements: Check out a group study room at the Circulation Desk on the 1st floor. Student IDs will be kept at the Circulation Desk until your group is finished with the study room.

  • Small 4 Chair Study Room: At least 2 students in your group MUST have a valid Fullerton College ID card.
  • Large 8 person study room: At least 5 students with FC IDs.

Loan Period: Each group has a 2-hour time limit in the room. Renewals at discretion of Circulation Staff depending on level of usage.

General rules: No food or drink, except bottled water. No cell phones and noise must be kept at a minimum. Students must make sure the door to the study room is locked when they leave.

Anyone caught misusing the study rooms will be met with disciplinary actions.



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