Library Cards

Current student ID serves as the library card and is non-transferable.

FC students need the following to check out materials:

  • Current student ID

Current Registration Validation Sticker
If the student has his/her student ID, but it is not current, the student can produce his/her current semester class printout showing that fees are paid and obtain a sticker showing the current semester.

The library current semester sticker says Associated Students fees have NOT been paid.  If students have paid the AS fees, they must go to 200 Building rm. 214 to obtain the AS fees paid sticker. In the meantime, students may use the ID w/library sticker for checking out materials.

Non FC Library Cards
Students from the following colleges may use the ID cards issued by their respective institutions to check out Circulating books from the Fullerton College Library. However, students must have a current Fullerton College student ID to check out Reserve items.

  • Cypress College
  • Orange Coast College
  • Golden West College
  • North Orange County Community College District School of Continuing Education (SCE). In the Reserve collection, SCE students may use their SCE IDs for checking out SCE Reserves books and laptops only. FC Reserves requires FC Student IDs.
  • SCE students must show a government issued ID (California driver’s license or CA ID) along with the SCE card.
  • The SCE card must have a Banner I.D. number on it to be considered valid.

Fullerton College students have priority over students from these other schools when checking out study rooms, unless the student is also enrolled at FC.

The general public can purchase a Community User Card for $5.00 with an expiration date six months after the purchase date. To replace a lost Community User Card there is a $1.00 fee.  To qualify for a Community User Card, the applicant must be 18 years of age and reside in one of the following cities: Anaheim, Buena Park, Brea, Cypress, Fullerton, La Habra, La Habra Heights, Placentia and Yorba Linda.  A patron with a Community User Card may have a maximum of 5 books checked out on his/her card at a time. The loan privileges for the community library card extend only to books in the circulating collection.  If the applicant is less than 18 years of age, a signature from a parent or legal guardian is required.  No exceptions.

Fullerton High school students with a letter from the school librarian can check out circulating books. If the applicant is less than 18 years of age, a signature from a parent or legal guardian is required.  No exceptions.

Loan Periods

Books, including Best Sellers and Paperbacks

Loan Period | Number of Items: 2 weeks | 5 books per subject / 20 maximum.

Instructor Reserves, including Textbooks

Loan Period | Number of items: 2-hours / 1-day / Overnight / 7-days | 3 items maximum


Loan Period | Number of items: 2-hours (non-renewable) | 1 laptop

All equipment is due back at the Reserve counter one hour before closing, regardless of check-out time


Loan Periods | Number of Items

  • Cassettes: 1 week | 2 maximum
  • CDs: 1 week | 4 maximum
  • DVDs and Videorecordings: 2 hours (in-library-use only)
  • LPs (records): 1 weeks | 5 maximum
  • Math Videos: 2 hours / Overnight | 3 maximum
  • Telecourse Videos: 2 hours / Overnight | 2 lessons


Loan Period
Number of Items

2 Hours

1 Headset


1 Day / Overnight

1 Calculator

Ethernet Cable

2 hours

1 Cable

Flash Drive

2 hours

1 Flash Drive

Audiocassette Player

2 hour

1 Player

Compass/Protractors/Scissors Set

1 day

1 Set

Box of Bones

2 Hours

2 Boxes

Study Rooms

Study rooms are for group study and instructional television. .

Users: Users with borrowing privileges may check out a study room, however, current Fullerton College students have priority. *Users will lose their study room borrowing privileges if discovered defacing or vandalizing the room. Students eating in a room may also be barred from borrowing the rooms if after one warning, they again disregard the food policy. Instructors may not reserve study rooms to use in lieu of their assigned classroom for all or a significant portion of the semester. 

Four seat study room:  A minimum of two students must present ID.    A maximum of six students may use the room.

Eight seat study room: A minimum of five students must present ID. No more than ten students are allowed to use the room.

Loan Period: Two hours. No reservations are taken for study rooms.

Renewals:  This is decided at the discretion of the library staff person.  If rooms have been checked out frequently and there are only one or two rooms free, staff may not renew a room.  Also, if a room is renewed, the group may not get another full two hours if other groups need to use a room.  Empty study rooms will be checked out and then the group with a room the longest time will be the first to lose the room if another group comes.



    • 2-week Book fines are 25 cents per day with a maximum fine of $20.00.
    • 2-day Books fines are $2.00 per day.

Interlibrary Loans

    • Interlibrary Loans overdue fines are $1.00 per day.


    • Laptop fines are $10 per hour, and for every fraction of an hour.


    • 2-hour Reserve overdue fines are $1.00 per hour, and $1.00 per every fraction of an hour.
    • 1-day and Overnight reserves fines are $2.00 per day.
      • Students may be charged the full price of the Reserve item or $50, whichever is higher, as an overdue fine.
      • Students who do not return Reserve item will incur late fines up to the cost of replacing the item with a new copy or $50 (whichever is higher) plus processing fees and overdue fines.

Abuse of Reserve loans may result in suspension of borrowing privileges and/or notification of instructor about students with overdue reserve items.


Laptops and Peripheral replacement fees:

Carrying Case
Power Cord
65 Watt AC Adaptor
1024MB 667MHz DDR2 SDRAM
40GB 5400rpm Serial ATA hard drive
24x/10x/24x CD-RW x DVD Combo
Primary 6-cell lithium ion battery
Mouse pad
1.44MB External Floppy Drive
Ethernet Cable
    • Students with fines of $5 or more may not check out any materials until the balance is paid for in full. Also, a block will be placed on a student’s record if the student owes more than $5.00 preventing the student from conducting transactions such as registering for classes or obtaining transcripts. From one week before the last class drop date until the end of the semester, students must pay off the entire fine.
    • No Refunds: Refunds will not be issued for late items after fines and fees have been paid.
    • Lost books: Current replacement price or out-of-print fee+ $10.00 non-refundable processing fee + any outstanding fine. No refunds on payments for lost items.
    • Damaged books, laptops, and peripherals: If repairable, the fee is $10.00; if not, current replacement cost, plus $10.00 processing, plus applicable overdue fines.
    • Returned checks are subject to a $25.00 assessment fee and must be replaced with cash or money order.

Missing Items

  • If the book that you are looking for is not on the shelf, you may request a search at the Circulation counter on the 1st floor. Staff will search for the item.
  • Please allow 24 hours to see if it has been located. If the item is not found, the status will be changed to “Missing” in the library’s online catalog.

Return Items

  • You may return materials to the outside book return located to the left of the library entrance when the library is closed.
  • Be sure to return materials on time to avoid paying fines and fees.  Overdue fines include the hours the library is closed as well as weekends and holidays.
  • During library open hours, items should be returned to a staff person at the Circulation or Reserve counters or you may put items in the return slots at either end of the counter. Make sure the item has dropped completely into the return bin.
  • Please return laptops and peripherals to a staff person. Do not leave laptops on the counter or put them in a return slot.

Other Libraries

Libraries at Cypress, GoldenWest, and Orange Coast colleges.

  • For the regular circulating collection, you may use a valid student ID from Cypress, GoldenWest or Orange Coast to borrow books.
  • For the Reserve Collection, you must be taking a class from Fullerton College and possess a current Fullerton College student ID in order to check out the Reserve materials.

Pollack Library, CSUF

  • Fullerton College Library does not have a reciprocal borrowing agreement with the Pollack Library.  However, you may purchase a CSUF Patron of the Library card from them for $50.00 per year to borrow their resources, or use them in-library without a charge.

Interlibrary Loans

  • Obtain a form from a librarian at the Reference Desk to request materials from other libraries. Plan ahead because you must allow one to two weeks to receive items.