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'Book Collection' video transcription





Long shot of the book collection.



Same shot but closer as Dave Brown pokes his head from out of an aisle.

OC: Have you noticed that there are a lot of books in the library? 


Librarian Dave Brown at the Reference Desk

And by that I mean our professionals, our librarians, who are here to help you.


Angle-- books



Dave Brown pokes his head out of another aisle (different side) but this time my head is at knee height.

OC: Why is that? 


Angle-- books



CU from waist up – I am lying on the floor (with a book opened/resting on my chest) and camera is above.

OC: Why are there still books in the library?


From the balcony across from general stacks capturing a diagonal view of the stacks.



From Help Desk—Med shot of Dave Brown on landing.

Lip Sync: “How can it be permissible?”

  1. Research Computers
  2. Computer Commons-- books

VO: With so many electronic databases of information and the Internet, why have books?


Shot over Dave Brown’s shoulder-- showing a book and his hands turning the pages to find the TOC and then zooming in to show my finger pointing and scrolling down the page.

OC: Most books in the library have a Table of Contents section in the front that shows how it is organized and its chapter titles.


Tag cloud.

VO: Could these words give you ideas for your research paper?


Shot over a different shoulder downward-- showing a book in Dave Brown’s hands on an Index page.

OC: Most academic books have an index in the back where topics, concepts and names are listed. 


Shot of EBSCOhost database—Advanced search using keywords from Index.

VO: And, you might learn some new words to impress your friends.


Shot of Dave Brown with back to stacks in the middle aisle that has tables holding [like a waiter] (no glasses on)  many plates on arms, maybe 4 or more books;

OC: Writing a book takes research and skill; it requires intelligence. 


Shot of one of the books.

Do you think a book could expand your world?


Side shot of Dave Brown leaning against book shelf. He turns to the side and says…

OC: A book can be fun to read, too; (even if it’s for school)!


Dave Brown pops his head into shot next to Online Catalog computer.

OC: So, how do you find a book?


Dave Brown leaning against Online Catalog computer.

OC: Use any online computer to search for a topic or an author and get the book’s location in the library


Call number sign on side of bookshelf.


Dave Brown walks [and then feigned marching] parallel to the books’ second floor shelves and then turns around while still walking.

OC: Now, go to the right spot on the shelves.


Insert shot of Dave Brown’s face as he finds book on shelf.


Dave Brown pulls book off shelf.

OC: Aha, I found it!


Self check station.

VO: Check the book out here [at Self-Check],


Dave Brown walks into the shot coming down the stairs and indicates toward Circulation Desk.

OC: or let the friendly staff at the Circulation Desk check it out for you


Dave Brown.

VO: This is Dave Brown, Catalog Librarian.


Dave Brown slides into the scene towards the front door and makes a welcoming gesture while facing the camera.

Come on in and visit us, the water is fine.


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April 6, 2016
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