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Code of Conduct | Computer Use | Laptops


FC Library Code of Conduct

The goal of these rules is to provide a quiet, clean, and safe environment for students, staff, and faculty.

    1. Eating, drinking (exceptions: bottled drinks and travel mugs), and smoking are not permitted in the library.
    2. Quiet is essential! Please respect your fellow students; all persons using the library expect to find a quiet place to study.
    3. Group study rooms are located on the second floor.
    4. Treat the library and its contents with respect. If you write in a book rip a magazine, or destroy a piece of equipment, you destroy your own and every other student's opportunity to use the item.
    5. If you remove a book from the shelves, please do not re-shelve it; place it on the nearest study carrel.
    6. Do not remove barcodes from library materials. These labels are used for check-in and check-out purposes only. They are not part of the security system and do not set off the alarm.
    7. If the security system alarm beeps as you exit, return to the Circulation Desk.
    8. You may not use your belongings to reserve a seat at a table or a carrel or to reserve a group study room. To prevent theft, please do not leave your belongings unattended in the library.
    9. Fire exit doors are to be used only in an emergency.
    10. In order to prevent the theft of books and library materials, state law authorizes the detention for a reasonable period of any person using these facilities suspected of committing "library theft" (Penal Code Section 490.5).
    11. Shoes, sandals, slippers, or socks have to be worn for safety reasons.
    12. Shirts or blouses, pants, shorts, skirts, or dresses have to be worn for an appropriate educational environment to be enjoyed by all.
    13. Students should wear clothing that does not interfere with the learning environment or present a safety or health hazard, i.e. sandals, shoes or other protective footwear should be worn in the library at all times.



FC Library Computer Use Policy

Users not conforming to this Computer Use Policy may be asked to relinquish their computers.

    1. The library adheres to the FC Academic Computing Technologies' Acceptable Use Policy.
    2. Library computers are for academic purposes, meaning activities related to Fullerton College.
    3. Playing games, using social media for recreational purposes, and viewing inappropriate material are not allowed on any library computers.
    4. There is a one-hour time limit at the research stations east of the reference desk and a ten-minute time limit at the "E-Mail Express" computers near the library entry.
    5. No software may be installed on library computers. Students needing to install textbook software or CDs should go to the campus computer labs.
    6. No DVD viewing on library computers. Please use the library's regular TV/DVD units.
    7. Headsets must be used for sound files for research purposes only.
    8. Student IDs will be recorded for students who violate this policy. Subsequent violations will result in referral to the library dean for disciplinary action.
    9. Users making reproductions of copyrighted material in violation of the U.S. copyright law (Title 17 U.S. Code) are liable for any infringement.



FC Laptop Policies

Check-out Requirements:
  • Valid Fullerton College or NOCCCD student ID card is required.
  • Users must be in good standing at the library, with no overdue fines, nor outstanding fines or fees.
  • Time-due statements are available upon check-out.
Check-in Requirements:
  • Proof-of-Return receipts are available at check-in.
  • Laptops must be returned to a Reserve Desk staff member.
  • Never leave a laptop unattended on the Reserve Desk or Circulation Desk when returning it.
Conditions of Use:
  1. Laptops are for Academic use only.
  2. Violations of the FC Library Computer Use Policy and/or the FC Academic Computing Technologies' Acceptable Use Policy and/or the NOCCCD Computer and Electronic Communication Systems Policy [pdf] may result in loss of laptop loan privileges.
  3. Users must read and sign a Laptop Policy Agreement [pdf] informing them of their responsibilities and verifying the condition of the laptop at the time of check-out.
  4. Purposefully damaging or removing library property is considered a criminal act. Appropriate measures will be taken.
  5. Fullerton College Library reserves the right to deny check-out privileges to anyone indefinitely based on current or past abuses, as defined in the California Education Code: Section 19910-19911.
  6. 19910. Any person who maliciously cuts, tears, defaces, breaks, or injures any book, map, chart, picture, engraving, statue, coin, model, apparatus, or other work of literature, art, mechanics, or object of curiosity, deposited in any public library, gallery, museum, collection, fair, or exhibition, is guilty or a misdemeanor.
  7. 19911. Any person who willfully detains any book, newspaper, magazine, pamphlet, manuscript, or other property belonging to any public or incorporated library, reading room, museum, or other educational institution, for 30 days after notice in writing to return the article or property, given after the expiration of the time for which by the rules of the institution the article or property may be kept, is guilty of a misdemeanor. The parent or guardian of a minor who willfully and maliciously commits any act within the scope of this section shall be liable for all damages so caused by the minor.
User Group:
  • Fullerton College students
  • NOCCCD School of Continuing Education students



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